Mirza shirazi complex station (Commercial-office)

Mirza shirazi station is one of the best metro stations in shiraz and it is located at the arterial axes intersection of Mirza shirazi and Ma’ali abad. The mentioned Station is the crossing of lines 1 and 3.

Accord the detailed primary design, Shariaati axe due to urban performance and activity like huge commercial complexes, also Persian Encyclopedia Organization and etc is in territory of commercial - Office - Touristic centers and utilities This complexs is located and designed with area about 2554 square meters and foundation of 20,000 square meters with the approval Commission of Article 5 and agreed in principle that is organised as a station with high demand of circulation and travelling according to discipline and control of development stimulus like Ghasrodasht gardens and Residential area of Maali Abad and be nearby with station gallery.

Mirza shirazi complex station (Commercial-office) – سازمان حمل و نقل ریلی شهرداری شیراز
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