Dolat complexes station(commercial-offices-medical)

This station is located in second line of urban train and westsouthern corner of artieries axis of Pasargade and southern Edalat of future intersection. Special situation of region accord to different aspect even economic or social, hard need of south area of city to rich services centers, and also  haigh demand in these regions, make the mentioned station an influenced potential in construction of this complexes station.

This complexes has been located with area of 6000 m² and foundation of 32400 m² which will be an economic and social particular potential of region  with more and more connection to spatial structure, practical and operational of city , help of main structural factors like axis of Edalat and Pasargade and also  low distance from station gallery.

Dolat complexes station(commercial-offices-medical) – سازمان حمل و نقل ریلی شهرداری شیراز
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